Keep Calm and Barre3 On

When I got an email from Barre3 in June inviting me (and everyone else who has an account) to join this summer's B3 Anywhere challenge, I signed up immediately. I'm not paying for a Barre3 online subscription right now, but I keep my account open (I love the recipes and blog posts, plus I do want to get back to B3 soon).

Anyways, the B3 Anywhere challenge caught my attention for 3 reasons:

  1. It was super easy to do and follow – you got workout videos sent to you, a 4-week meal plan, and all the recipes
  2. I was able to do workouts on my own time – I got an email every Monday morning with links to free new workouts (and the new post for the subscribers) as well as the live workout on Wednesdays, but I could do them whenever
  3. It wasn't demanding – the recommended number of workouts (3x/week) and clean meals (5x/week) were super doable, and of course you could modify upwards from there

I printed the meal plan, thinking my 5 clean meals would be lunch only, but found that many of the recipes work for my whole family! I ended up making at least four or five of the dinners every week and most of the breakfasts. I call that a win.

For the exercise calendar, I filled in 3 days a week that I wanted to do a Barre3 workout, plus my HIIT (another post on this later) and my walks to and from work… it was a very full calendar.

So… 4 weeks of clean eating (and proper portion sizes!) plus extra exercise… where did that get me?

  • Weight: I didn't weigh myself before starting the challenge, but I want to say there's been no difference (that's not to say I didn't swap some fat for some muscle!)
  • Body measurements: from just putting on clothes in the morning, I can tell I've lost a bit of fat off my legs, butt, and stomach. Unfortunately this last week I was more bloated than usual (thanks, Mother Nature), so I'll find out exactly what the difference is in a couple days.
  • Muscles: it amazes me how a workout can kill you one day and after some time feel so much easier. I never did the same workouts twice in a row, but I started and ended the challenge with the same workout set, and while the first time I did it I thought I'd need a leg transplant, this last time was so much easier and better. I was able to hold the positions longer, even modify them a bit, and I only took one short break. Win!
  • Energy: I did most of my Barre3 workouts after getting home from work, and the burst of energy they gave me helped me get through busy evenings and a tiny human who decided not to go to sleep until 1am one night!! I did my HIIT in the mornings right after waking up, and the energy lasted until I got into the office a couple of hours later. Combining this with healthy foods to fuel my day, I felt more energy in these four weeks than I used to.
  • Motivation: I want to put this here, because I was so motivated when I started the challenge, I wanted to do Barre3 workouts every day! Of course, this fizzled out by day 4, but I still managed to keep up with the challenge. I wasn't 100% motivated every day, but when my motivation failed me I powered through with discipline, which I think is not only more telling but awesome for your mind and spirit. I have a quote pinned that I turn to when I want to blame my lack of motivation for skipping a workout: You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined.

On top of these benefits, I've also found some fantastic and healthy summery recipes we all enjoyed, and I've been much better with portion sizes and treats (no eating a whole box of donuts for me!). Even though I wish I could drop all of my stubborn fat in a couple weeks, I know it's not possible, and this challenge reminded me that a little extra effort can go a long way.

I'm definitely signing up for whatever challenge Barre3 comes up with next, and I hope you will too!

** Please note that I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by Barre3. All opinions and experiences are my own. Please consult your doctor before starting a new diet or heavy exercise plan.